Sunshine Harvest
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Sunshine Harvest Farm - Share Options

Option #1
Market Member Shares - *New for 2016*    

Available at Mill City Farmers Market & Kingfield Farmers Market.
(what our market shoppers have been asking for)

Year long membership - 10% savings on all market purchases

Our Market Member Share lets you hand pick your favorite items, when & where you want and within your own budget.  Shop at both markets at your convenience and enjoy 10% off your purchases for a 12 month period.  Includes all markets, summer & winter. (No need to worry about missed pick ups and/or pick up schedules, shop when you want)

Membership includes:
          1. 10% savings on purchases at the farmers market
          2. Insulated Tote/Shopping Bag & T-Shirt
          3. Free monthly speciality products available only for members
     B. Membership - 12 months 
     C. Membership Cost - $99      

Option #2 
Meat & Egg Shares

Available for pick up at our Eagan & Roseville delivery 
locations on the 2nd Thursday of every month, year round.

A Full Share is approximately 18 lbs. of meat & eggs combined.  It is delivered once a month to your choice of one of our pick up locations, Eagan or Roseville.

The Full Share includes approx:
   2 dozen eggs
2 whole chickens 
    4 lbs. of lean ground beef (1 lb. pkgs)
    6 lbs. of a variety of meats (beef & pork)

    Varies each month between roasts, steaks, stew cuts, kabobs, fajita strips, 
    bacon, sausage, ham, brats, etc.   
    (ex. for one month would be a 3 lb. roast, 1 lb. steaks, 1 lb. fajita, 1 lb. sausage)

A 1/2 Share is approximately 9 lbs. of meat & eggs combined (half of the items listed for the full share above).

6 Months   Meat & Eggs CSA

1/2 Share            $399 (9 lbs./month for 6 months)     

Full Share            $799 (18 lbs./month for 6 months)

1 Month     Meat & Egg Sample Share

Sample Share  
   $150 (20 lbs)   Available (for pick up Eagan, Roseville, Mill City & Kingfield)



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